“The Fool on the Hill

…sees the sun going down, and the eyes in is head, see the world spinning around.”

Travel should be none of the below-

  • Sharma said it was a great place to go
  • Bose says that mentioning that you’ve travelled to these places will make your boss’s eye pop
  • That the place is so super developed that ten more places can be fitted into your itinerary at the budget of one
  • These are places that give a sense of home

Messnar, the first man to have made it on top of Mount Everest without oxygen, was asked why and he said “because it is there”.

Simplify travel. The only pillar of simplification is you and you alone.

It’s your life, what you have read, seen, heard falls on the wayside of what you want. If you want to soak in the calmness and serenity of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, so be it. If you crave gastronomical experiences, completely alien to your taste buds or you want to spend your precious dollars gambling in Vegas, it’s all your call. Be a child, hold that bubble in your hand, see the myriad rainbow colours and it might just not burst.

– anonymous MeTripper

One reply on ““The Fool on the Hill”

Success if a hotel chain will depend more and more on the spontaneous homely feeling it can provide to a traveler.


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