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The last Travel Inspiration blog you’ll ever need

Inspiration comes from numerous sources, from utilization of all our senses. It could be from seeing that friend’s Instagram selfie, or the baklava you ate, the movie you watched, or the divine piece of music that you just heard. Inspiration cannot always be controlled. The problem with that is, uncontrolled Inspiration can’t usually be acted upon. For most of us, that Inspiration ends up as a paper rolled and stuffed into a can labelled ‘Bucket List‘.

But you can still travel. Sometimes to check off an item on that treasured bucket list, but mostly because you need to. As my friend says, we are hardwired to be explorers. It’s unnatural to sit in a hole and forget about the vastness and the brilliance of the planet we live in. It’s natural to want to see how people different from us have shaped their part of the world. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not so much. This desire is probably exacerbated by the increasing exposure that each one of us has through various media. We know what’s out there and we must see it, experience it, feel it.

So how does one go about it?

You could start reading travel blogs. But if you’re anything like me, you neither have the inclination nor the time to sift through the proverbial haystack to find the needle. When travel means so many different things to different people, how do I find anything that’s actually relevant to me?!  That’s the question we hope to answer through MeTripping.

Most of us want to do everything worth doing in the world. However, at each decision point, we are usually constrained by the resources available at our disposal – for travel decisions, that oftentimes is time and money. MeTripping is built on that simple, but powerful premise – if your constraints are defined, why not find the best trip that you could take in the world. Based on a live scan of the options available in the world! We are almost certainly the first in the world to rank destinations – those that are the best places to go to based on your time & money constraints, the number of days in hand, your ability to get there, the intrinsic worth of that destination, the quality and location of the hotel, and many other things that you either consciously or sub-consciously think about while planning that perfect vacation.

I could go on. Travel is exciting and travel planning is cumbersome. One could write enough on both of those topics. But why say more when you can experience it.

– Varun

As I write this a few days before we launch the site, I am attempting to manually put together the perfect holiday for my brother and sister-in-law. It hasn’t been easy. We trust MeTripping will simplify your life just as much as it does ours.

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