What are your favourite travel stories?

Is it how you felt when you first saw Champs Elysees come alive as a series of lights, making intricate patterns with the branches like it were a visual orchestra?

Is it how you forgot to breathe when you were on top of a mountain looking at other mountains, you couldn’t even blink. When you finally did, tears rolled down your cheeks because of the beauty that overwhelmed you.

Is it the perfect places? Or are your stories more about the people and the experiences you’ve had?

My favourite one includes getting robbed at Geneva at the start of our trip, getting back our wallet from the thugs by just asking for it and my dear husband politely explaining to the gentlemen that what they did wasn’t very nice.

Two people might go to the exact same place, at the exact same time, stay at the exact same hotel for the same duration and have completely different experiences. Because travel is never about the place that you’re going to. Travel is all about who is going to that place.

Since the entire process of travel revolves completely around the people who are travelling, shouldn’t that be the starting point of the journey? This is hardly the case in reality.

Our own process goes something like this:

Step 1: Think of a place we want to visit and quickly check if it falls within our budget. Settle for the second best place that actually fits within our budget.

Step 2: Find the smartest and cheapest way to get there.

Step 3: Start looking for hotels, read reviews on Lonely Planet, TripAdvisor, blogs, Airbnb, fall asleep and postpone bookings for another day.

Step 4: Remind husband to make hotel/room-bookings because you’re a little fed up with the reading process, there is just too much information to process.

Step 5: (By this time we are pretty close to our travel dates and booking a room has become imperative). Poor husband books whatever rooms he can get because all the book-marked options are already sold-out. Small discussion (mostly monologue) ensues on how I shouldn’t bother with the research since it doesn’t help anyway. Husband responds by talking about the breeze or something completely unrelated.

Step 6: We decide to get excited about the trip and start counting days to our holi..holi…days. In fact we have a terrible song that we’ve made up for this waiting time.

Now imagine that there was a way to roll up all these steps into one single step and then finding exciting options after providing specific inputs about your expectations from that particular trip. No need to imagine any more people, because it has happened, for real.

The website is called

I’m not going to tell you anymore because the process is so much fun and I’d like for you to try it yourself. Because, no matter what I tell you, your experience is going to be completely different from mine.

Like I said before travel is never about the place that you’re going to. Travel is all about who is going to that place. Someone finally figured that out. Thank you for that MeTripping.

Originally published on Medium by Reshma Thomas on 28th July, 2016.

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