A Travel Site that says you should care about money

We didn’t really need to say that, did we? We know you care. Even if you want luxury. Thinking about money is natural to most of us – and why shouldn’t it be? Most of us (and most billionaires too!) worked hard to earn it.

There’s of course an extreme version of this, where caring about money is necessary for having the necessities in life. If your survival and or a half-decent life is at stake, please don’t travel. Take care of those that depend on you. The world will be a better place if you help yourself or your family rise above subsistence. You can always travel later. The world isn’t going anywhere. Not for a few years at least.

Travel is good – it expands your horizons, helps you connect dots that might otherwise not be visible to you, and satisfies your innate desire to learn more about the world and whom you share it with. It can be deeply enriching. Not all of it, but you often find those golden nuggets when you least expect them. At the same time, most of us can’t be the “travelers” that travel bores would love us to be – we have jobs that need us there, people who depend on us, and other responsibilities that necessitate us being grounded (pun intended).

Here’s the good news. You don’t need to live in a place to experience it. Neither should you have to try too hard to find meaning. The romanticized version of traveling – the one where you go backpacking for months without a care in the world – is not the only form of travel. Don’t let anyone guilt you into not traveling because your definition doesn’t fit that strait-jacketed version of travel. I’d find it strange if anyone argued that a regular summer holiday taken with your family doesn’t have the power to surprise, delight and inspire. In some sense, they might actually have missed the chance to forge those deep human connections that can be only be made on such travels. Not just with an alien world, but also with those near and dear to you.

So what does this mean for you? You can still see the world. There are many reasons and occasions to travel – celebrating your graduation, your wedding or anniversary, or even something more mundane, but a lot more common, like the syncing up of your child’s holidays with a lean period at your workplace. At any of those precious life moments, when you find yourself exclaiming “Let’s go on a holiday!”, make your way to MeTripping. It’s crafted to optimize the use of what you can’t negotiate on (i.e., time and money), but builds those experiences that you wouldn’t want to negotiate on.

– Anonymous MeTripper

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