Traveler Blog Series

Traveler Blog Series – 01

What does travel mean to you? Exploration, escape, and excitement. Exploring the world lets me learn about new people and places. Escaping my normal routine and community puts me outside my comfort zone, forcing me to reexamine deeply held beliefs, habits, and behaviors in a way that little else in life does. Finally, travel incites excitement about the beauty, diversity, and sheer splendor of planet earth. How has your travel planning evolved over the years? Any tips for travel enthusiasts? I have come to realize over time, however, that the most meaningful parts of travel are people and experiences. I now leave more flexibility in my itinerary and focus on meeting locals and truly experiencing a place instead of trying to visit and photograph the "top 10" sights. For me, it has led to much richer experiences -- and travel feeling less like work and more like a true escape and immersion. What destinations are you usually interested in? Global cities, Popular destinations, Year's top destinations, Exploring the world What do you look for in your trips? A bit of everything

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