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Been at Home too Long; It’s Time to Break Free! Road Trip, Anyone?

It’s been four months. That’s how long we’ve been stuck at home, unable to step out.

Home is now also the office, school, and playroom. It’s also where we’ve learned just how many chores our domestic help takes off our plate.

And if we see too much more of home, we might lose our minds!

You know what they say…you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. And what has been gone these last few months is the freedom to change our surroundings.

Can’t wait to get away from the suffocating confines of home, but not sure which place is safe?

Where do you Go?

Assuming you’re a family of three and you’re from Mumbai, Bangalore or Delhi, you’re probably thinking ‘where can I go for a relaxing weekend that’s under four hours’ drive away?’ Here are some possibilities:

Mumbai – Igatpuri

Verdant greenery in Igatpuri

With the monsoons underway, it’s the best time to visit this hill station in the Nashik district, less than 2.5 hours drive away from the big city. With verdant, rolling peaks, it’s paradise for those who enjoy a good hike as well as those who want to kick back and relax.

It’s an ideal destination for a quick family getaway looking to de-stress, reconnect, and appreciate the outside world with the new eyes that lockdowns have given us. Depending on local conditions, take a jaunt around the dams, peaks, forts, and falls; maybe stop by the Vipassana International Academy for a spot of meditation.

And keep your camera handy at all times. Insta-views, anyone?

Check out this holiday package to Igatpuri for this weekend:

New Delhi – Mathura

Places to see in Mathura

While the winter months are ideal, the monsoons are also a preferred time to visit the birthplace of Lord Krishna. A 2.5-hour drive from the bustling metropolis of Delhi, Mathura is a city awash in history.

Usually thronged by global visitors, the current travel restrictions allow visitors from nearby cities to grab the opportunity to soak up the culture and heritage in virtual peace.

For those looking to still the soul and calm their minds, Mathura is a must. Breathe in the serenity of Vishram Ghat and Radha Kund and release your cares for a little bit. And grab a couple of boxes of their famous peda for the return trip home!

Check out a holiday package to Mathura for this weekend:

Bengaluru – Chikmagaluru

Green plantations in Chikmagaluru

The smell of fresh coffee riding on a cool, morning breeze; is there a better start to a day? Chikmagaluru, which is unfortunately just slightly over our four-hour drive time, is the perfect place for rest, outdoor exertions, and peaceful sounds that have no similarities to Bangalore’s traffic.

Climb the heights of Mullayanagiri, picnic by the lake or dam, appreciate the wildlife, and explore the coffee estates around you. And be sure to buy a freshly ground batch of coffee to bring home some of that memory and aroma!

Here’s a holiday package to Chikmagaluru for you:

Tip of the Iceberg

Of course, there are several other destinations available in the same drive-time; these three are just to start you off on your road trip planning.

If you’re ready to look further afield (and spend more time in your car…keep a good playlist handy), then the world is your oyster (or India is, anyway)!

Now that you know you want to get out, let’s plan and make it happen. Drop in to and pick a spot. From there, it’s book, pack, and head out!

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