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Travel search the way you think about it

I got married in 2014, and given that I was then working & living in Maldives (yes, it was quite the experience!), we had booked our honeymoon for the bustling twin cities of Hong Kong & Macau. The honeymoon itself was centered around a few things — it had to be a luxurious experience, I knew how […]


Your Happiness is on Call-Waiting

Most likely, like other savvy urban dwellers who spend swathes of their day confined in the internet, you’ve been bludgeoned with generic advice like – “smile, it costs nothing”. It’s good guidance of course, but like most information on the internet, it’s half baked. Thing is, smiling may cost you nothing, but smiling for no reason makes you […]

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The last Travel Inspiration blog you’ll ever need

Inspiration comes from numerous sources, from utilization of all our senses. It could be from seeing that friend’s Instagram selfie, or the baklava you ate, the movie you watched, or the divine piece of music that you just heard. Inspiration cannot always be controlled. The problem with that is, uncontrolled Inspiration can’t usually be acted upon. For most […]


Reflections of a travel addict

My first true vacation was a trip to Paris from New York. I remember obsessing over every little detail. The result was an itinerary replete with names of restaurants where I would eat, a timetable of “things to do” (surely, a perfect combination of mostly tourist traps and small bits of the “loved by locals”, […]